About Me

Frank ScearboFor businesses, accepting cards as a form of payment is a necessary evil. You do your research and analyze options to find the best solution for you. But businesses have no idea what the “Rate” actually entails. The hidden fees, commitments, or the perceived “savings” the processor provides are all just theater. The truth is, processors make their money by keeping merchants in the dark. The lack of transparency works in their favor. THEY think that keeping merchants in the dark works because they CONTROL the information. Ultimately, you are at the mercy of their “math.”                                We have one goal: Transparency. The greatest service we provide is analyzing your rate, understanding your fees, knowing how it impacts your business, and finding the best processing solution, not rate, for you. There is a difference between “rates” and “fees.” Our process takes A.I.M. at those hidden costs to reduce your total fee.

A.I.M.:  Analyze, Implement, Maintain.

Take Control of Your Transactions and gain Clarity of Your Processing Costs.

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