Having been in business for over thirty years I want to let you know that you have been one of the only companies whom explained everything down to the penny -broke down what we were paying for – I can not thank you enough for showing us how bad we were taking advantage of.-we are saving over 20 percent! Best part is you and your company for the customer service. We ran into a little issue and you not only had an answer then followed up to make sure it was correct. Who does this today!!!

~ Dawn D’Amato, Salon Bella Vita, Palm Beach County

We were referred to Frank Scearbo by our accountant and we are so glad that they did.  Our prior experience working with credit card companies is that they can be very expensive and bureaucratic.  Working with Frank has been a delight in comparison.  He is an honest and well-informed professional that has consistently saved us money and who continually monitors our account for additional cost savings.  It has also been invaluable to have a point person to go to who responds promptly should any issues arise.  I highly recommend Frank.  You will not be disappointed!

~ Denise Scutellaro, President, Economy Car Rental, Inc.

We originally went with the banks recommendation, but after discussing it with friends in the business they directed us to Frank.
He detailed our fees and the differences, so we made the switch. He and his team made the change seamlessly and our rates dropped consistently over 30% a month. I highly recommend talking with Frank and let him discuss what he can do for your company, you will not be disappointed.

~ Alan Batson, Great White Gallery & Smoke, Hyannis, Ma.

I trusted Frank to handle my credit card processing for the 4 businesses that I own.  My fees have dropped an average of 20.1% since I started working with him.   His customer service is impeccable.  The team approach that he uses is second to none. Thank you Frank.

~ Mark Harrington,  Harrington Moving,  Andover Storage

Frank made the credit card transition very convenient and is always available to answer questions or concerns. I was reluctant to process CC on the computer, but the process is very proficient and convenient. Thanks Frank for the cure for high CC processing fees. You are the EXPERT!

~ Pam Birmingham, Controller, Bay State Anesthesia, Inc.

Credit card processing was a nightmare before we found Frank Scearbo. Now that we use Frank we have no problems, and have only had to call for help once in 2 years. That one call was quick, efficient and answered our question in seconds. We have saved time, inconvenience and money in fees. I recommend Frank the Credit Card Processing Expert without reservation.

~ Susan Lippman, CFO, Essex National Heritage Commission, Inc.

I cannot praise Frank Scearbo and Serve First enough. For many years my local bank handled credit card processing, but stopped a few years ago. At that time I signed on with a company whose rates seemed competitive. While I only had need to contact them a couple times, it was an ordeal of being told to call one number after another, recording after recording, only to be told that the relevant department was only open Monday through Friday. Additionally, over time there became frequent email alerts of problems and issues with the system: a bit alarming! My cost has dropped significantly with Frank and Serve first and equally important, I have one highly responsive person – Frank – to contact. Happily, I have had no issues. I highly recommend him.

~ Tory, Tory’s Jewelry, Marblehead, MA

Being a brand new business is intimidating and costly to say the least. Frank has helped us immensely! Not only did he patiently walk us through countless documents, paperwork, fees etc but he set up all our equipment quickly and efficiently. He has made himself accessible to us for all questions! We have peace of mind knowing he has our credit card processing functioning without any glitches and has saved us money in the process. We are so appreciated to be lucky enough to be doing business with Frank.

~ Alda Aesthetics, Hanover MA

Frank is a man of his word. Everything worked out excellent for me. You saved me a lot of money. Everything that you said would happen, did. Everything that you said you would do, you did. Everything that you said would not happen, did not happen. It has been 13 months. For a while I was waiting to see where it would go wrong. It never did.  I still cannot believe it was that easy.

~ Tony Bartolo, Tony’s Auto body, President of the Malden Chamber of Commerce

Our previous credit card company was difficult to get a hold of and to work with. We always were assigned a new person to speak with when there were issues. With Credit Card Processing Expert I have only dealt with one person, Frank Scearbo. Not only did he visit the office so we can put a face to his business, but he set up the machine and trained us as well. He does not promise what he cannot deliver. Most importantly, we are saving over all on our Merchant Services.

~ Donna M. Chaisson

Frank has been so easy and a pleasure to work with plus the savings have been significant. Look no further for the best rates. I did the research.

~ Clea, Tiger Mountain Jewelry

We’ve been working with Frank for about 8 months now. I truly believed that we had good rates with our previous merchant account and was highly skeptical we could save more. We decided to give it a try and are tremendously pleased. The change over was very smooth, Frank is extremely professional and responsive to all our questions and we are truly saving. I give him our highest recommendation.

~ Denise Cordero, Office Manager, Well Life

Frank Scearbo is what they call a true professional! He has saved our company from the unnecessary charges and monthly fees that we were being charged by a prior credit card company. His immediate response time, proficient knowledge and amazing customer support is extraordinary. He leaves no question unanswered. I highly recommend him and his service!!

~ Marcia Carter, Rice & Brouillard Electric, Inc.

Frank Scearbo made the credit card processing switch easy and non stressful for us! And the switch saved us a significant amount of money in our monthly fees! He is always available to answer any questions we have. We are a fairly new business and he also gave us some very insightful business advice. I highly recommend Frank for all your credit card processing needs!

~ Ashley Stanziani, A & A Hair Boutique, Inc.

We are a busy little Gallery in downtown Melrose. An opportunity could be lost if your credit card machine goes on the blink, (and it happens!). Frank has made our job so much easier. If a problem occurs, even on a Saturday, Frank is always there to help out in any way he can. Balancing our charges with Serve First Solutions has also been easier, clearer and fast. We are also seeing a reduction in our fees! We highly recommend Frank’s expertise.

~ Lorrie DiCesare, President, Hourglass Gift Gallery

 We switched to Frank Scearbo and First Serve Solutions about nine months ago.  Our business has been in business for four years and nobody has given us a better rate or customer service that Frank has.  We have noticed significant savings in our merchant fees and Frank has been available every time we have a question or a problem, which we have rarely had.

~ Pure Denim El Paso, Tx

Frank has simplified the way we process credit and debit card transactions at The DR. While providing his clients with just a “phone call away” answers he has positioned his business as service oriented. Without him you are underserved and paying more than you should.

~ Derek Arnold, Witch DR.

My company, Coast Closets, was in business for 11 years before we had the good fortune of being introduced to Frank Scearbo and First Serve Solutions. With the majority of our clients paying via credit card, it has always been in our best interest to be with, what we assumed, was the most reliable company with the lowest possible processing fees. We had resigned ourselves to funds being posted with a two to three day lead time and in turn, this delay held up material shipments for that same period. When I first spoke with Frank, he made promises to me that I found incredulous. I was quite familiar with the various options available to small businesses with regards to credit card processing and I was a bit hard to believe that First Serve’s rates would be lower and that we would be paid the very next business day for credit card transactions. We decided to give Frank and Serve First a chance and, sure enough, they lived up to every promise he made me. Now, we are enjoying much lower fees and we can now ship materials days earlier thanks to Frank and Serve First. I highly recommend Frank Scearbo and First Serve Solutions. He is the utmost professional with great attention to detail. Anytime we have ever needed to reach him, we were able to do so expeditiously. Frank is at the top of his game and any company paying extravagant fees or waiting days for funds to be posted, is simply losing out. Call Frank. You will not be disappointed!

~ Mark Avena, CEO, Coast Closets, LLC

Frank Scearbo has been an A+ since we have teamed up with him many years ago, great service, excellent rates and a pleasure to conduct business with.

~ M. Citro,  Baystae K9

Frank has been my credit card processing agent for over four years. Service is 2nd to none, one phone call and your done. Frank is honest, and will give you the best deal possible. I know first hand as I shopped for best rates, to top it off, my two daughters are managers at TD Bank, an told me that the rates I have were unbeatable and to stay put. So do yourself a favor, go with Frank and save yourself time and money. 

~ T. Decellis,  The Dog Bowl

I would like to highly recommend Frank Scearbo for his excellent customer service.  He is always available to answer questions,and he consistently delivers what he promises.

~ D. Rodgers,  Lizology

I am very pleased with the machine, the batching process, and the reduced fees.  You are very proficient and you have been pleasant to work with.

~ K. Keyes,  Keyes North Atlantic

Our switch from our old credit card processor to Frank Scearbo was seamless. We not only save money with Frank Scearbo, but are up to date with technology  and have ready assistance a phone call away from Frank if we ever have questions.

~ G. Arnould,  Arnould Gallery

I am very pleased with the ease of the service, the rates provided, the legibility of the statement. I have had no problems at all with this credit card service.

~ M. Freeman,  Beach Plum Too

Frank thanks so much for meeting with me for a review on my credit card services for processing.  After converting my business over to your company, I have noticed a significant savings each month.  I also want to thank you for your exceptional customer service.

~ Dr. Marcellino, Alive & Well Chiropractic

Thank you for your follow-ups—it’s a pleasure doing business with someone who is professional

~ J. Direnzio, Wilmington Grain

We switched from Heartland to Frank a few months ago and the savings have been significant, not to mention anytime we have had a question Frank has been available on the spot!  Great service.

~ G. Asaro,  Sunbanque of Gloucester

Frank’s motto says it all, he is the “credit card Expert”. Frank went out of his way, on more than one occasion, to help me with the set up of the credit card piece of my business. In the process, he took time to educate me on things that my business would benefit from. I would recommend Frank  to anyone running a business, in fact, I have recommended him to many of my business owner friends.

~ J. Cotton, Madison Ave of Melrose

I had not seen or heard from my last credit card processing service in over 3 years!  Frank frequently checks in and truly services the account! Besides the great rates, feeling that we are being cared for is very much appreciated!

~N. Ardagna, Closet Classics

If you are looking to save money on your credit card processing fees, I would highly recommend Frank Scearbo. Frank came in, analyzed my current fees, promised a 20% savings, and delivered as promised. Frank made the transition smooth and seamless. In today’s business environment every dollar counts and Frank made sure I am keeping more of mine.

~ M. Quintana, Quintana Associates

Thank you! The transition was seamless and handled in a timely manner. We were given simple, straight forward information and instructions to follow and the monthly report provides us with more information than our previous agent. We can now offer our customers additional forms of credit card payments at an affordable rate.

~ M. Loveland, Bartlett & Steadman

Frank Scearbo has helped my business save money, which is good news. Beyond that, he has always been available for help and support. During a recent mix-up with my telephone lines, he was there instantly (it was a weekend!!) Frank gets an A+ from me!

~ K. Bruin, Bus Stop Clothing Inc.

I could not be more pleased.  Every thing you said would happen has happened, often  considerably better than I had expected.  In addition to much lower fees, having funds  available the next day, including American Express (which WorldPay sat on for at least three  days) is a real plus. All that aside, I would like to thank you for the  thorough and professional  way you took care of the switch over.  There was not a single glitch, and your personal instruction made using the new system down right simple. All this is much appreciated.

~ M. Callahan,  Museum Technology Source Inc.

My company’s credit card service was set up long before I was put in charge.  Compared to most companies, we do not charge much to credit cards… probably under $1000/month on average.  I always suspected we were paying a much higher rate than we should, but I never had the time to “shop around”, especially since I really had no understanding of the whole system and didn’t even know where to begin, so I kept putting it off year after year. Frank came in, even though I was a very low dollar volume client, and solved all my problems.  He very patiently and thoroughly explained everything I needed, or wanted, to know about the entire credit card business, including all the steps (and up-charges) there were in determining the final charges that I saw from my current company (which averaged well over 4%).  Frank explained exactly what he does and took charge of the entire process of switching my company over to his service. He took care of a problem that had been nagging me for years. Frank also keeps in touch and promptly responds to any questions I have.  I highly recommend working with Frank Scearbo.

~ K. Perry,  Winfield Brooks

I am not sure if I would have survived opening my business without the help of Frank Scearbo .  There were so many scary decisions to make and vendors of all kinds offering me all types of ‘deals’ if I went with their company.  Credit card processing was frightening to me and Frank walked me through every step of the way. He was upfront, and honest and he hasn’t let me down yet!  I am quickly coming upon my 1 year anniversary and I can honestly say that I never spend any time worrying about that aspect of my business.  Frank is thorough, professional, and honest and I look forward to doing business with him for many years to come!

~ B. Amaral, Gwen Mireille Salon and Spa

This note is to let you know how pleased I am with you and Serve First Solutions.    You acted very professionally and came through with everything you promised. As  you may remember, I had had a terrible experience with another credit card processing company before you visited.  I was very skeptical that you would be able to provide me with a smooth, error free transition, but you did!  Everything went as planned and your rates are exactly what you presented.  You were available any time I have had any questions and I am extremely pleased with your service. I would recommend both you and Serve First Solutions as a result.

~ L. Rauseo, Kenoza Vending Co., Inc

I met Frank Scearbo last year when he inquired about how he could earn our business at Essex Silver-Line Corporation.  I found Frank to be very knowledgeable and helpful as we reviewed our options and ultimately decided to use Franks company for our credit card processing. We have not been disappointed with our decision.  Everything Frank discussed and promised has been delivered in a timely manner.  He keeps in touch with me regarding our processing and keeps me up to date with any possible issues.  And most importantly he saved us money! I have found representatives from other companies disappear once they have our business, this is not the case with Frank and I am very happy for this.  Without hesitation I would recommend Frank to anyone who needs his services.

~ J. Goddard, Essex Silver-Line Corporation