Is “free” equipment ever really “free”?

When a processing company says that they will give you the machine
for free, do not accept it.
The processing company did not receive the machine for free. They
bought it from the manufacturer. The “free” machine means that there will
be some other hidden cost that usually comes out to $25.00 per month that
will be attached to your processing fees.
So, let us “do the math”.
The processing company bought the machine, usually $300.00. They give it
to you for free. You have signed a contract that is 3 years in length or
36 months. The hidden cost of $25.00 or the additional processing fee of
$25.00 x 36 months = $900.00. That is how much the “free machine costs”
Would you take $300.00 from someone knowing that you had to pay them
$25.00 every month for 36 months?.
Purchase the machine, stay away from contracts and free machines.